About Us

Guna Nebare is a clothing brand represented by its lead   designer   Guna Nebare - a young Latvian artist.

Guna Nebare creates exquisite designs that are made   to   celebrate life and enjoy being on this planet Earth.   Guna's main   inspiration is simplicity of peasant-wear as well as ethnic and   historic tradition in clothing and craftsmanship. Guna adores   all fabrics that are raw, primitive and untreated and normally wouldn't be used in fashion. But with a simple yet extraordinary design and exceptional quality all these materials turn into masterpieces in Guna's hands.

A very special place in Guna's heart has historic clothing that is very seldom seen -  undergarments and clothing that was worn by simple people like peasants.

Guna Nebare is company based in Latvia. In this company we keep in very high value and work according to slow fashion, sustainability, fairtrade, ethics and low-waste and we definitely keep our pride in excellent quality. 

All materials used in Guna Nebare production is natural and (where possible) organic, making sure all the process from yarn to the end product is natural, sustainable and fully compostable - so that after the life of it has ended it can turn into a garden and not pollution.  

Most of the designs are transformable in different shapes and ways of wearing – therefore suitable for different body types, styles, occasions and ages.

 We hope you enjoy!